Gavin Jefcoate

Vice Chair


Since our move here twelve years
ago we have grown to love the village. Getting to know a lot of amazing people through living and
working here, participating in many of the local community organisations and events and supporting
our local businesses, primary school and surgery who work so hard to look after our every need. We
have two daughters who attend the primary school and I am keen to help protect all of the qualities
which make West Linton such a fantastic place to live and work.
I’m a Chartered Architect with time split between my practice in Edinburgh and home office in West
Linton. I have a working knowledge of the planning system and although I would have to declare an
interest should any of our projects be discussed in the CC meetings, I can bring experience to the
community where broader matters of town planning are concerned. Of particular interest to me are
preservation of architectural interest in the conservation area, appropriate, sustainable residential
and economic development in a rural village, road safety (particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and
children) and community projects.
I helped organise and participated in The Great Big Cycle, enjoy being involved in the West Linton
running club and Deepsyklists cycle collective and look forward to Whipman week and events each
year. In the past I have actively approached the community council, Scottish Borders Council and
local Councillors when I feel there are matters of concern. I am not one to give up easily. As a
member of the community council I would work just as hard to make representations on behalf of
the local residents.