Graham Tulloch



I moved to West Linton with my wife and two children in 2000 and I very quickly immersed myself in
village life; joining the Whipman committee and soon after the Community Council.
I am a curator for the British Geological Survey and sometimes work on drilling projects around the
My organisational skills in my day-to- day job and the practical skills from my offshore work have
allowed me to contribute fully to the work of the community council, either as Secretary or as
coordinator and contributor of the many projects we have undertaken. I have a good knowledge of,
and have built relationships with officials in, Borders Council departments and companies and
organisations that have an impact or influence on our village.
I have a great love of the village and desire to see it grow at a level that will retain its character. I am
keen to improve the environment for all abilities and ages and make it more attractive to residents
and visitors alike.
I believe a Community Council should be the voice of the residents and be at the forefront of
positive change in the community. I will work to ensure that is the case for our Community Council.