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SBC Statement on Gambling Principles

Scottish Borders Licensing Board has launched a consultation on the review of it’s Statement of Gambling Principles.

The Statement provides guidance for the Board, applicants and anyone with an interest in gambling in relation to how licensed gambling activity is regulated in the Scottish Borders. The Board has a statutory duty to carry out a review on a three yearly basis.

There have been no significant changes to the regulations issued by the Secretary of State or the guidance issued by the Gambling Commission since the last review which the Board considers materially affect the current Statement. As a consequence, no significant changes have been made to the proposed Statement.

A draft of the proposed Statement is included in the online consultation.

The consultation is online now https://scotborders.citizenspace.com/ and will run until 17 May. The Board is asking you to play #yourpart and give your opinions on the matter.

Paper copies of the consultation are available by contacting liquorandlicensing@scotborders.gov.uk.

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