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Late Night Taxi Funding

Voting for projects in the Localities Bid Fund will run from Thursday 16th May to midday Thursday 6th June 2019 with the results being announced a month or so later.

West Linton Community Council have a project in to fund a late night taxi between Penicuik and Loanend, Dolphinton.

We have a scheme running at the moment but it is due to finish on 11th May.

To ensure we can start it up again we need your help. Successful funding can only be guaranteed if the project is supported by the community, that means that we have to get as many people to vote for it come the time.

A member of the Community Council will be at the May Market to give you more information on the success of the current scheme and what we are hoping to do in the future.

The Council have prepared a list of questions and answers which you can find here.

If we don't get the votes, we don't get the money and the taxi will not run.

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