What is West Linton Community Council?

"...the general purpose of a Community Council shall be to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to the local authorities for its area, and to public authorities, the views of the community which it represents and to take such action in the interests of the community as appears to it to be expedient and practicable."

West Linton Community Council was created in 1974 and consists of 9 elected members together with various ex-officials and co-opted members, as required, including our local Councillors.

Unlike Councillors, MSPs etc, Community Councillors are elected for their four-year term of office as individuals, without the support of any political party: Party politics plays no part in Community Councils.

West Linton Community Council is, like other Community Councils in Scotland, is a voluntary organisation, made up of people who give time to, and have a genuine interest in, the well-being of the West Linton community. The Community Council Members are residents of the area who act on behalf of local people to try and preserve those aspects of the community that they believe are worth retaining whilst also encouraging developments which will benefit the community and ensure that it will continue to thrive.

Download a copy of our constitution here


These are your local Community Council members


Graham Tulloch


I moved to West Linton with my wife and two children in 2000 and I very quickly immersed myself in
village life; joining the Whipman committee and soon after the Community Council.
I am a curator for the British Geological Survey and sometimes work on drilling projects around the
My organisational skills in my day-to- day job and the practical skills from my offshore work have allowed me to contribute fully to the work of the community council, either as Secretary or as
coordinator and contributor of the many projects we have undertaken. I have a good knowledge of, and have built relationships with officials in, Borders Council departments and companies and organisations that have an impact or influence on our village.
I have a great love of the village and desire to see it grow at a level that will retain its character. I am keen to improve the environment for all abilities and ages and make it more attractive to residents and visitors alike.
I believe a Community Council should be the voice of the residents and be at the forefront of positive change in the community. I will work to ensure that is the case for our Community Council.


Gavin Jefcoate

Vice Chair

Since our move here thirteen years ago we have grown to love the village. Getting to know a lot of amazing people through living and working here, participating in many of the local community organisations and events and supporting our local businesses, primary school and surgery who work so hard to look after our every need. I am keen to help protect all of the qualities which make West Linton such a fantastic place to live and work.
I’m a Chartered Architect with time split between my practice in Edinburgh and home office in West Linton. I have a working knowledge of the planning system and can bring experience to the community where broader matters of town planning are concerned. Of particular interest to me are
preservation of architectural interest in the conservation area, appropriate, sustainable residential and economic development in a rural village, road safety (particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and children) and community projects.


Carn Peaston


I am married to Andrew and we have an eight year old son who attends West Linton Primary School.
I have been a Primary School Teacher for over 20 years and am now a senior manager within education and currently work for East Lothian Council.
My family have been associated with West Linton for almost 30 years, and three generations still live
here. During this time I have avidly watched the village grow and develop to how it is today.
I strongly believe that it takes a community to raise a child and I want to ensure the community of West Linton and surrounding
areas has the facilities and opportunities to continually engage, support and educate its young generation inspiring them on to great achievements; and I believe the established members of our community can continue to be involved in the future of this wonderful village.
I love living in West Linton and I feel privileged that I am able to offer my son a village upbringing. I wish to encourage the strong community spirit that I already see present through all associated local events and activities and I would like to build on this and continue to develop growth for years to


Dr Jeremy Everest

CC member

I moved to West Linton in 2007 from Edinburgh and live right in the middle of the village with Morag and our two girls. I work as a geologist for British Geological Survey, travelling mostly to cold places to work on glaciers, but I'm sometimes allowed outside in the warm, and also get to play on research ships.
I joined the Community Council in August 2016.

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Ms Susan Groat

CC member

I am originally from Shetland, and moved to West Linton 17 years ago, with my husband.
I have an MA in Economics from Edinburgh University and I am Chartered Accountant with a Diploma in Property Investment.
I have worked in the residential and commercial property sector for over 20 years.
I joined the West Linton Community Council as a Member in August 2016.


Mrs Anne McKenzie

CC member

I moved to the village in 1991 and have been actively involved in the community since.
I have 5 children so initially this included being Playgroup treasurer and PTA chair. At one time I had a child in Toddlers , Playgroup, Primary school and High school !
I joined the community council in 2001 and have found it hard to leave.
I enjoy representing the local community and being responsible for expressing views and concerns that affect the village on a daily basis.
I feel it is very important to have a body such as the CC which works at such a local level.
My husband and I have run our own company based in our home since 1993 and this has given me skill sets that help me contribute in a positive way to the CC.


Marion Storrie

CC member

I have lived in West Linton for 4 years, having moved from Edinburgh after retiring. I was a GP in Midlothian for 25 years though latterly my job was mainly Health Planning and Service Development.

My aim on the Community Council is to seek out and represent the views of residents, to address your priorities. Planning decisions take up much of the Community Councils time and I would commit to preserving the heart of the village and supporting only developments which will improve the living and working environment of West Linton.


Mark McDavid

CC Member



Murdo Anderson

CC member

I was born just outside West Linton, and attended Newlands Primary School and then Peebles High. I gained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology before becoming a directory with local marquee and events company Green Field Marquees, where I am the Operations Director. As well as this, in my university holidays and throughout school I previously worked for several local businesses including The Bakehouse and Thomson Trees. My focus and interest within the CC is to bring a younger persons views on how we can encourage and grow rural business. I am also a sports enthusiast, and being able to create more facilities in our area for this is something I’m interested in. Alongside this I have a keen focus on our environment, agriculture, field sport, and rural affairs in an age where these are becoming more overlooked.

If you would like to contact any of the Community Council members, please use the contact email at the bottom of this page.


Mervyn Dickson

Transport Consultant

Being a rural village, we are reliant upon our local bus services. Mervyn provides us with vital updates regarding our bus services with his monthly reports.


Your Local SBC Councillors Are:

Councillors are elected by you, the local community, to represent both the public interest and individuals in their ward. They are responsible for making decisions about local services on your behalf. They attend meetings, support the local community and establish links with local organisations and campaigns.
Councillors agree policies for providing services within the Council's area These services are then managed on a day to day basis by officers employed by the Council. Councillors also make decisions about the Council's budget.

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Mr Eric Small


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Heather Anderson

Scottish National Party

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Kris Chapman

Scottish Liberal Democrats